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FishHawk Ranch Frequently Asked Questions

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FishHawk Ranch Frequently Asked Questions

Through my many decades in the real estate industry I have asked and been asked a lot of real estate questions. On this page I will try to breakdown some of the most common FishHawk Ranch frequently asked questions that I get.

Buying a Home in FishHawk Ranch

Types of Home Sales in FishHawk Ranch

  • Traditional Resale – A home being sold by a regular seller using a REALTOR®.
  • For Sale by Owner – The same as a traditional sale except the owner is attempting to market, negotiate and sell the property without the help of a REALTOR®.
  • Bank Owned Properties (REO’s) – A property that has gone through the foreclosure process with the lender being the highest bidder. The lender or bank lists the property in the MLS for sale.
  • Short Sales – The seller is attempting to sell the property for less money than is owed on the mortgage. Short Sale need 3rd party approval (usually from an investor or multiple investors). Because of these additional approvals short sales typically take an unusually long time to negotiate and the asking price in the MLS may not be the price the 3rd party will accept to sell the property.
  • Auctions – An online way to bid on properties for sale. This sounds good in theory but in reality the system still needs work. The seller’s usually put in a hidden minimum required bid. I’ve tried to purchase multiple auction properties and never have met the minimum be even with fair offers. Some of these auction sites require additional payments to them if you are the winning bidder so tread carefully.

FishHawk Ranch Homeowner Costs

Selling a FishHawk Ranch Home

I hope you found these frequently asked questions useful. Feel free to contact me if you have questions that I may not have covered.

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