48 Ways To Speed Up Your FishHawk Ranch Home For Sale (Infographic)

48 Ways To Speed Up Your FishHawk Ranch Home For Sale (Inforgraphic)48 Ways To Speed Up Your FishHawk Ranch Home For Sale (Infographic)

As you start to prepare to sell your FishHawk Ranch home, here are 48 ways to help speed up that process. Below I’m going to briefly touch on each of the key points of the infographic.


Preparing your home to sell is a vital part of the home selling process. Having either your REALTOR® and/or a home decorator walk the home and make suggestions on items that need to be repaired, replaced, or removed. Remember at this point you want to start getting the home so it appeals to the majority of buyers.


A home that is in great shape will fetch top dollar on the market. Doing simple repairs before the home goes on the market will pay off in the long run.


Having a home that is updated gives potential buyers a sense that the home has been well taken care of throughout the years.


Paint is a relatively cost-effective way to create a fresh clean look to the home.


Buyers like to see bright homes. It makes the home feel bigger and gives it a happier feel. Ensure that all the shades are open and the lights are on before any showings.


This is subtle but important. You want potential buyers to envision the home as their home, not your home.


Decluttering the home will helps show the actual size of the home. There have been many times that I’ve shown a house and we walk into a bedroom with a large bed and dresser in it. The potential buyers say this is a small bedroom. In reality, it is an average size bedroom. There is not a lot that can be done about a bed and dresser but for sure you can remove and store some of the items in the room.  You want the buyer to think the home is great for them, not wow, this is small!


This will have the same effect as de-cluttering. It will help show off the actual size of the home.


A sparkling clean will once again command top dollar and the market.

Hide Signs Of Pets

Let’s take a quick poll. How many of you have walked into a neighbor’s home and were overwhelmed by the smell of a pet? Have a friend or your REALTOR® be honest with you and let you know how your home smells. Do your best to get rid of any pet smells. You may need to have the carpets cleaned and add a few air fresheners. To add to the infographic you may need to repaint low areas on walls that the pets rub against and replace carpeting that may be soiled or torn up.

Stage Inside

Staging can be as simple as you staging the home to hiring a professional home decorator to stage your home. The key here is to make the home as appealing as many to potential buyers as possible.

Prune and Landscape

The outside of the home is one of the first things a potential home buyer sees. Make a great first impression.

Stage Outside

Ensure the outside of the home is neat, clean, and safe.


Use these 48 ways to speed up your FishHawk Ranch home for sale and get it sold!

A special thanks to FloridaRealtors.org for providing this infographic.

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