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“My mission is to exceed every client’s expectations by providing extraordinary representation and unparalleled service.” – Jeff

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Testimonial of Jeffrey Gould FishHawk Realtor

Testimonial of Jeffrey Gould FishHawk Realtor by JB

I have known and worked with Jeff in the purchase and selling of a couple properties in the last 10 years. He conducts business with the highest integrity, is very responsive, and timely on request, very knowledgeable of local and overall markets, industry in general, as well as financing, is a mature negotiator, and very knowledgeable of various real estate processes. I have and will continue to recommend Jeff to anyone needing real estate services. Thanks.

Eddy Fontana.


Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me find and purchase my FishHawk home. You were amazing and did a fantastic job. I could not have been happier with the service that you provided me. Your knowledge and expertise of real estate in the FishHawk area is second to none. When I started my home search I let you know what I was looking for in a home. By listening to me and my individual taste, you knew before I did which house matched me best. You know I was not fully convinced that the house I purchased was really what I was looking for. You never pushed me but did give me your opinion of the property and why it would be a great house for me. You had the vision of what the property could be and explained the simple changes that could be made that really made this the perfect home for me. You know that this was not an easy or normal real estate transaction. We had a lot of challenges to overcome and for each one you always found a solution and were there every step of the way. I truly do not believe any other Realtor would have gotten this closed for me. I said this before and I will say it again, you were my Realtor, pseudo psychologist and friend.

I will highly recommend you to family, friends, and anyone else that I hear of that might be looking to buy or sell a house. Thanks again!

Stacey Smith


Jeff Gould went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure i was able to buy a home in this difficult time for our economy when banks are not not really lending. I worked with Jeff for almost 2 years before we found the right house, and he never complained about visiting the first house or the 41st house that we visited. he always gave me honest advice and i am pleased to say that my next home purchase will be with Jeff.

Carver Donaldson


Allison Schlesinger Thank You Letter, Jeff Gould TestimonialJeff – Thank you so much for all of your help! You made this so easy for me. I really appreciate the time you have given me. I hope to stay in touch.

Allison Schlesinger

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your excellent service during our Tampa trip. I really appreciated your expertise and calm demeanor. Exactly what I was hoping for. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Scott and Patty Wendell

Online Review of Realtor Jeff Gould

Thank you Jeff! You are the best realtor I’ve ever known! You are so patient and I want to thank you for recommending those good house related services when I asked you about it!
We are so lucky to have you! I would rate your business 5 out of 5! Perfect score!
Thanks for everything again!
God bless and see you again soon when we need to buy again !!!