FishHawk Ranch Community Coed Softball League Charity Tournament for Seeds of Hope

FishHawk Ranch Community Coed Softball League Charity Tournament for Seeds of Hope

FishHawk Ranch Community Coed Softball League Charity Tournament for Seeds of Hope

I am so proud to say that this is my 12th year playing in the FishHawk Ranch Community Coed Softball League. The league is a lot of fun but more importantly, it gives a lot back to the community and local charities. For the second time, the league will be holding its FishHawk Ranch community coed softball league charity tournament for Seeds of Hope. This is a really good and needed charity. That I am excited to be holding another tournament for.

About the Charity

The charity is a local charity called Seeds of Hope. Seeds of Hope provides backpacks of food to chronically hungry children in our local elementary schools. My wife is a 5th-grade school teacher in one of these schools and I believe that four of her students receive these backpacks. I can tell you that these donations are extremely helpful and that the charity really does make an impact!

Below are two letters to previous and hopefully current sponsors from the tournament director. These letters will really help understand this great charity.

Letter from the Tournament Director – Letter One

To All our Amazing Sponsors.

The FishHawk Coed Softball League is in full force again!

We are hosting a charity softball tournament on March 25th and 26th to benefit, for the second time, our very own local charity, the Seeds of Hope Backpack Food Program.   This program presently helps out 6 of our local elementary schools assisting those children and families in need that are deemed as ‘chronically hungry’.  Each week, backpacks are filled with food and delivered to each of the schools to feed not just the child, but his family too.  I have personally seen this program in motion by assisting with filling the backpacks each week and I can tell you it is a moving experience.  In addition, my wife happens to teach at one of the 6 schools that are part of this program and she reminds me each week of the POWER of the Backpack Food Program as she watches these chronically hungry children smile from ‘ear to ear’ as they receive their weekly backpacks.

This is a great story attached to a great program, but none of this is possible without all of our help.  The FishHawk Coed Softball league is polishing the stage to host this event but it is not possible to make an impact on these children’s lives if we do not have sponsors to support this event.   If you read down below, we raised over 13 THOUSAND DOLLARS  during the last Seeds of Hope Backpack Food Program softball tournament and it was all because of you, OUR SPONSORS!

Please take a minute to review the 2017 Seeds of Hope flyer and get back to me as soon as you can to let me know what level sponsorship you would like to be.  We will then supply you with the 501C3 tax document for tax purposes for your donation.

This is a great way to not only support a great local charity but to get your business advertised on Facebook, at the field, during the tournament party, and on the backs of the tournament t-shirts featuring the logo above.

I ask you to PLEASE consider sponsoring this amazing event.  We put a lot of time into these tournaments but the success is largely dependent upon our sponsors.

Take a few moments to review the email and pictures below from our last Seeds of Hope Backpack Food Program tournament.

Letter from the Tournament Director – Letter Two (After our last tournament)

To All Our Sponsors,

First I would like to thank each and every sponsor for their extremely generous contributions and for supporting this wonderful charity.  NONE of this is possible without the support we receive from our sponsors.  You may not know it, but just by supporting this cause, you have CHANGED THE LIVES of many children and families in our surrounding communities that go hungry on a regular basis.  Chronic hunger is not a choice for these children and families as reaching out to nourish themselves is not always an option.  Basic food necessities are a LUXURY.

The Fishhawk Softball League together with our amazing team of sponsors has hit a HOME RUN this time!

The tournament is over and the numbers have been tallied.  Together, we have raised $13,405 to support the Seeds of Hope Backpack Food Program.  Not in my wildest dreams did I think that was possible but, united as a team with a common goal, we have pulled off the unthinkable.

The Fishhawk Softball League holds 2 charity softball events a year.  I really hope with the success of our teamwork has generated as seen above, The FishHawk Softball League can continue to count on your support in our future endeavors as we assist those in need in our surrounding communities.

From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU all again for your amazing contributions.

Tim Coffey

Fishhawk Softball League Commissioner

The Tournament Date

The softball tournament will be held on March 25th and 26th, 2017. There will be a party at Park Square Saturday night March 25th with the raffle, music, dancing, and a ton of fun!

We Need Your Help

Wow, truly powerful stuff and really a great charity! We do really need your help and hope you will consider donating money, raffle items, or picking up a sponsorship. Every little bit does help. Together as a team, we came to make a huge difference in some children’s lives!

If you live in FishHawk Ranch, are 18 years old or older, and want to play in the charity softball tournament please let me know. The donation to play is usually $10 per player. I cannot guarantee you a spot but I will do my best to get you on a team. The tournaments are a lot of fun with some great and caring members of the community.

Contact Me

If you would like to donate, sponsor or play please email me at We will get everything moving forward from there. Thanks!

Please do me a favor and share this so we can get the word out to others. Thanks for sharing!

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