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What is the FishHawk Ranch HOA?

The FishHawk Ranch Homeowners’ Association, also known as an HOA is the governing body of the FishHawk Ranch Community. Its primary purpose is to enforce the community’s deed restrictions, manage and maintain the common areas, and collect HOA dues and fees. The HOA provides the following services:

  • Administrative
  • Financial
  • Architectural reviews
  • Enforcement activities
  • Legal
  • Insurance provision

Features of the HOA

  • All property owners that live in the FishHawk Ranch Community are required to be part of one or multiple HOA’s.
  • There are mandatory annual fees for the HOA.
  • The HOA has the authority to enact and enforce maintenance and design standards in addition to those established by City ordinances.
  • The HOA is a corporation with formal bylaws and a governing board.
  • The FishHawk Ranch HOA has hired Rizzetta & Company, Incorporated as the property management company in charge of handling the community maintenance, enforcement issues, and fee collection.

The HOA Fees

The HOA fees in FishHawk Ranch will vary between phases and some villages. In general, the HOA fees in FishHawk Ranch range from about $55 a year to a little over $1000 a year depending on the location of the home in the community. If there is a particular home that you are looking for the HOA amount on feel free to email me. I will be happy to get that for you.

Contact Information

The FishHawk Ranch management company for Phases I, II, III, and FishHawk Ranch West.

Rizzetta & Company, Incorporated
3434 Colwell Ave.
Suite 200
Tampa Florida 33614

Matthew Huber
District Manager Phase III
Phone: (813) 933-5571

Greg Cox
District Manager Phases I & II
Phone: (813) 933-5571

The FishHawk Ranch HOA

Fishhawk Ranch Homeowners Association
5844 Old Pasco Road
Suite 100
Wesley Chapel Florida 33544
Melissa Fort
Phone: (813) 994-1001

For additional FishHawk Ranch HOA information, documents, and events, please visit

Additional Information About FishHawk Ranch Costs and Fees

Please contact me if you would like additional information regarding the FishHawk Ranch Homeowners Association or finding out how much the HOA fees are for a specific home for sale in FishHawk Ranch. I will be more than happy to get that information for you.

Contact Jeff Gould FishHawk Realtor

Please Note: In addition to the FishHawk Ranch HOA fees, FishHawk Ranch residents are also responsible for CDD fees.

For townhouse complexes in FishHawk Ranch, there may be multiple HOA management companies.