FishHawk Real Estate Market Stats November 2014

FishHawk Real Estate Market Stats November 2014

Here are the real estate market statistics for FishHawk Ranch for the month ending November 2014. These are for Single Family Homes only.

FishHawk Ranch

  • There are currently 98 Active properties For Sale in FishHawk Ranch
  • Over the last 6 months, 198 properties have Sold in FishHawk Ranch
  • The high Sold Price per square foot was $227.58
  • The low Sold Price per square foot was $84.35
  • The median Sold Price per square foot was $121.67

The current backlog of homes in FishHawk Ranch has held steady from October to November and currently sits at 3.0 months. The number of homes for sale and the number of homes sold did drop a little bit over the last month. The real estate market in FishHawk Ranch continues to be very strong. We will need to keep an eye on the reduction in sold homes to see if it is a weakening trend. The median sold price did drop a little from October to November. The property that sold for $227.58 a square foot was a brand new home with every imaginable upgrade. It was for sale for over 400 days, so please don’t expect your home to sell for this in 30 days! Based on the current market value in FishHawk a home listed for $122 a square foot could expect to get a contract in about 3 months.

As always, this is a very simple breakdown of the FishHawk real estate market. There are many factors that influence how fast and for how much a home will sell for. If you would like to know how much your home is worth just let me know. I will be happy to run a complimentary report for you.

Current mortgage rates for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage are just over 4% and have been hovering in that area for a few months now. I do feel this could be a factor in home pricing moving forward. If the rates remain the same I feel home pricing will stay about the same. If rates rise, and I feel they have to at some point I do believe home prices may feel some pressure. There is talk about some easing in mortgage lending moving forward. If that happens more people will be able to qualify for loans. This should help the lower end of the market.

Please give me a call, email, or text me if you are looking at buying or selling a home. I’ve been involved in the real estate industry for over 30 years and have a wealth of real estate experience and information that you can benefit from.

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